Mindfulness & Chronic Pain: article

By Kate Partridge, Ph.D. Published in Winter 2012 Issue of The Health Professional magazine. The term “mindfulness” has recently become a buzzword in the health field, and with it comes the implication that it can be a panacea of some kind. Many health professionals hear the term and wonder what mindfulness is or how it

Quiet Breathing Space: 15 Minute Meditation Audio

Try our Guided Meditation to bring you back into balance. Please click here to listen.

Introductory Talk for Physicians

This is a 15-minute podcast published in the Family Medicine Training Guide. It’s an introductory talk for physicians about what Mindfulness Meditation is and what research tells us about how it is helpful. Please click here to listen. The FMTG is a project initiated and run by Dr Daniel Léger, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine,


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True North Insight:
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Centre for Mindfulness Studies:
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Dharma Seed:
A wonderful on-line resource: hundreds of free guided meditations and talks.