Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction

What are the most valuable things/techniques you have learned in this course?

  • How to meditate. How to be patient with myself. How to breathe. How to understand my wandering mind.
  • I have established a meditation practice and to confidence to continue it. I have obtained a lot of excellent resources. The course was very accessible.
  • I learned how the mind is affecting the body, and how much is in our hands to not cause damage to both mind and body.
  • Accept everything as it comes. Belly breathing. Non-judging. Awareness. Kindness to myself.
  • Focus on the breath and the power this alone has toward being more mindful. That even practicing a little every day can have benefits.
  • How to slow down and be mindful. How to looking inside and take note, without judgment.
  • A simple practice to help get centered, calm the nervous system down, self-acceptance and awareness of self.
  • AWW.  The idea that suffering is permeated by the stories we tell ourselves.  The 15-minute Quiet Space Breathing works best for me.
  • Skills and techniques to learn to listen to my body. Learning acceptance of whatever is there, learning non-judgmental awareness of the stories, and how to break from them.
  • It takes practice to get better at mindfulness. Belly breathing. That there is more than one way – what works for you (within the guidelines) is fine. Just look at the judging mind rather than buying into it.
  • What mindfulness is. How to meditate mindfully. The benefits of being mindful. How to be mindful outside of a meditation sitting.

Are you anxious,

stressed or panicky?

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Have you experienced any changes that you associate with taking this course?

  • I’m calmer. I’m better able to deal with stress. I’m more mindful.
  • I’m much more relaxed, less stressed, less reactive, more aware, and more kind to myself and others.
  • I’m able to recognize when I let my mind go off on its own. I’m able to stop the process and be present more often.
  • I feel much less judgmental.
  • Calmer. I have almost stopped panic breathing.
  • I have become more aware of the everyday things we take for granted.
  • I’m more aware of the stories in my head and that it is okay to have them but not okay to give the stories a life – just to be aware of them and accept them.
  • Better awareness of stress response on a day-to-day basis. Better understanding of the importance of longer meditation sessions (15’ and greater).
  • I find I can recharge through the mindfulness process.
  • Mindful eating – I’m now aware of how I use food to self-soothe. I’m able to catch myself when my nervous system gets activated. I feel more peaceful and content overall.
  • I feel that I have a much deeper understanding of mindfulness. I really appreciated the more ‘academic’ talks, eg. Chest breathing and the impact.
  • I’m more in tune with my body. Decreasing amount of endless thoughts, and able to let go of them when they occur. More aware of my stress responses and more aware of them earlier than I used to be – e.g. noticing when I start to clench my jaw, rather than realizing I have a sore jaw because it was clenched.
  • I seem to be more able to keep from over-reacting when stressful events come up. I work with a manipulative needy person and I seem to be able to forgive her more and not to take her actions/speeches so personally (from lovingkindness meditation?)
  • Definitely – much slower to react automatically, calmer, awareness of my behavior and thinking, ability to stop before reacting, realizing my thoughts as I’m having them.

What did you like about the course and/or the teaching?

  • I really like the accessibility of your explanations. They were not buried in spiritual language which I find very distracting.
  • It was organized in manageable chunks to build on skills.
  • The simplicity of the teachings. Practical application in everyday life. Getting together in a group setting and hearing other others are doing/experiencing.
  • You are very intelligent and are entertaining and very enthusiastic in your approach. Thank you.
  • I loved the one-day quiet retreat. The readings were very helpful. The CD you gave us was very good and something I can continue to use as a guide.
  • You are a wonderful teacher. You articulated concepts and clarified when questions arose. The handouts are wonderful. My binder is a gift and a wonderful reference to return to – like returning to my breath.
  • The group experience of practicing together greatly assists the start-up of individual meditation. Your committed experience of mindfulness meditation as a teacher/leader brought a resonance of realness.
  • The interaction with others – hearing the experience of others. The one-day retreat.
  • I love starting the journey of being present.
  • Kate is a very calm, prepared, fun teacher. Very organized, excellent handouts, CD. A good balance during the 2 ½ hours of class time. Excellent and supportive leadership.
  • I liked that the conversation was very much on the practice rather than on the problems/symptoms we all bring to the group. I appreciate that this boundary was established at the beginning.
  • A gentle and engaged teacher. The course gave me new skills to better live my life.
  • The teacher was very respectful and attentive to all participants. The other participants were also kind and receptive. The course taught a technique that does seem to calm my racing mind. I found the all-day retreat very interesting and valuable.
  • The methodology of how to meditate. The science behind the practice. Teaching to beginners – simply, slowly, gradually, building, without judgment!  I loved the 1-day silent retreat! Would love more!

Any other comments or suggestions:

  • It was a meaningful, rich, practical course. You are an encouraging teacher.
  • Thank you. This course has had a VERY significant impact on my day-to-day experience.
  • Thank you very much, Kate, for sharing your vision and your kind attitude.
  • Wonderful. Kate did a masterful job managing time and bringing people back to the immediate experience.
  • Such a gentle spirit and inviting ‘guide’ voice for meditations.
  • Easy, gentle style very welcoming. I enjoyed her teaching style very much. Very organized, supportive and helpful.
  • Excellent course, wonderful teacher.
  • Very open, engaging and gentle – a great instructor for meditation.
  • I found the course excellent and would recommend it to others. A wonderful, warm, human teacher. Everyone was treated with a welcoming respect.
  • An excellent teacher: calm, peaceful, real, humorous, compassionate. Really great, Dr. Kate! Thank you.
  • I like Dr. Kate’s calm peaceful approach. I particularly liked her soothing, peaceful guidance through our meditation/yoga practices.
  • I found Dr. Partridge to be a very effective teacher. She was well organized and explained concepts well. She also took time to answer our questions, which I appreciated.
  • I enjoyed your passion and dedication to be patient and focused. Thank you.