Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners Workshop

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners Workshop

Frances Newman, Psychologist:

The teacher’s manner was very relaxed, informal and accessible – she made information about complicated matters very understandable, especially about breathing.

Also very humorous. And there was lots of opportunity for the audience to ask questions.  I think you were able to appeal to a broad range of intellectual ability.

I think many people were turned on to meditation practice, judging from the expressions and gestures of the audience.

The history of meditation was extremely well organized and delivered. I especially liked the impromptu discussion about the mechanics of breathing.


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Christine, Retired Teacher:

I really liked the interactive part of the workshop where you can hear what other people are experiencing and relating that to your own experience. You were great, there’s a gentle and calm manner in the way you presented the information to us. Hearing your voice in the guided meditation was very effective.


Elizabeth G., Lawyer:

The most useful things I learned today were: a working knowledge and the experience of Mindfulness Meditation, the tools to do it (the CD), and resources should I wish to go further.

I loved your mastery of the content, your control of the room, and the clear and concise way you communicate even complicated psychological information…The six hours were enjoyable and went by very quickly.


Jody Berkelmans, Social Services Supervisor:

The meditation exercises were practical and easy to follow (thanks for the CD!). The discussion after the exercises where individuals shared their experience was valuable, and so was the silent lunch (uncomfortable, but an interesting concept!)

Dr. Partridge was very open, non-judgmental, informative and practical. I enjoyed the anecdotes.

Great workshop; I thoroughly enjoyed it and am excited about putting what I learned into practice.


JM, Employment Counsellor:

I like that you are real. You are clearly intelligent and knowledgeable and passionate about mindfulness, but you are also easy to trust and relate to.


From workshop participants:

  • The booklet and overheads were clear, organized and well-prepared.
  • Kate was very engaged and animated, and she demonstrated huge knowledge and practice, and she had so much insight to offer.
  • The teacher was comfortable, on task but flexible, and well-organized.
  • Very informative. Good flow to the presentation of information. The teacher was compassionate and understanding and caring.
  • As a science student, I really enjoyed the way the information was presented, with the personal and scientific results.
  • You are a very good speaker, a good example of what meditation can do for you, and you look calm, happy and compassionate.
  • Interactive is easy and a fun way to learn. Everything was great.
  • I liked the pacing, the sense of calm, not letting participants’ questions take the presentation off track.
  • Knowledgeable teacher with a great, relaxed presentation style. I learned a great deal and will put what I learned into daily practice.
  • It was a lovely day that went quickly, with everything you need to start your own meditation practice. Lots of information, but it was not overwhelming at all.