Cultivating Mindfulness for Leaders

What are the most useful things you learned in this course?

  • Self-regulation
  • That there are ways to be able to expand ourselves in the positive, by being aware and present to what we are feeling
  • The “Habit of Mindfulness of the Breath” is a tremendously powerful tool to draw on in our day-to-day lives. The insights on self-compassion I found very interesting.
  • The “Habit of Mindfulness of the Breath” and conscious breathing.
  • The “Habit of Mindfulness of the Breath”. The Body Scan for further connection and awareness. I also appreciated my further understanding of the impact of my stress on my body and the powerful impact of creating space both in thought and response.
  • Strategies to implement practice. The guided meditations, particularly the movement meditations, were very helpful. The reading list and YouTube clips help to expose different techniques.
  • Observing without judgement.
  • The value of guided practice.

Are you anxious,

stressed or panicky?

What changes have you experienced that you associate with taking this course?

  • The ability to accept that thoughts and feelings are just thoughts and feelings, and not “reality”
  • To know and recognize my stress
  • Feeling of less stress by stopping and thinking about mindfulness before reacting to events. Calmness – more peace with myself and others. The ability to be self-aware and to self-reflect on thoughts and feelings.
  • It’s now 17 days since I stopped caffeine, and I feel as though I have more energy!  I’m more conscious of my body and breath at many points throughout the day, and in more stressful situations.
  • Yes, self-awareness, calmer, able to self-check in the moment, and decreased stress levels.
  • Yes, I don’t get high jacked as quickly by my thoughts or physical reactions to stress or crisis. Taking even a moment to breathe often allows space for a new reaction.
  • Improved sleep, improved ability to remain calm in difficult conversations.
  • The “Habit of Mindfulness of the Breath” comes to my awareness when needed. Very helpful!
  • I have noticed changes in the moment when I stop to pay attention…I can resent and bounce back quicker.
  • Helpful in dealing with daily stress, meetings, and in-the-moment challenges.
  • [The course] kick-started more commitment to regular mindfulness activities. Greater awareness. Reduced frustration in certain circumstances.
  • I found tools that help calm myself. The “Habit of Mindfulness of the Breath” is very beneficial when knowing that I’m going into a stressful situation.

Other comments

  • I really appreciated Kate’s passion and knowledge. She was a gentle leader, yet powerful.
  • Thanks for sharing your expertise! I won’t forget it.
  • The workbook and supporting materials were and will be very helpful.
  • I liked the pace of the course – not rushed, and insightful.