Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction


Mindfulness Meditation is a non-religious mental training. It is supported by 35 years of scientific research showing strong evidence for its effectiveness in helping people cope with many physical & emotional problems related to stress & anxiety. Mindfulness Meditation has also been found to be highly beneficial as a complement to standard forms of psychotherapy.

Kate Partridge, Ph.D.

Kate Partridge, Psychologist

Dr. Kate Partridge, Psychologist

Mindfulness Meditation practice has transformed my life in a gradual, gentle but very positive way. It has made me passionate about wanting to share the practice with others.

In my private practice I focus on working with individual adults who are seeking help with stress-related physical and emotional problems, anxiety, panic, depression and chronic pain.

In addition, for the past 30 years, I have presented seminars and workshops to organizations of all kinds, from large corporations to small non-profit groups. The focus here has been to provide education and training in “surfing the stress wave” – that is, balancing the intense energy stirred up by challenging situations with better access to the calm, grounded energy that promotes physical wellness, mental clarity and emotional peace.

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